Calling In An Absence

On Voicemail
Parent/Guardian can call the Attendance at 860-647-3518.

  1. Listen to the instructions carefully.
  2. Give the following information at the sound of the tone:
  • Name of person calling
  • Student's name, grade and ID number
  • Reason for being absent
  • Date of absence

E-mail: Parents may e-mail a student's absence by using the following e-mail address: .

Attendance Policies

Board of Education policy #5110

ATTENDANCE POLICY 2010-2011 (from the MHS Student Parent Handbook)

To provide all students with continuity of instruction, consistent attendance is expected on scheduled days. It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to monitor the attendance of their students. School assistance is available as needed.

Absence Procedure After School Academy Attendance Codes & Definitions
Attendance Procedures Attendance Recovery Plan Consequences
Makeup Work Student/Parent Responsibilities  


Student/Parent Responsibilities

  • REPORT ALL ABSENCES, TARDINESS, or any attendance issue on the day of absence, and submit a note upon return to school, in person, directly to the Attendance Office in room 107, by telephone at 860-647-3518 or email the attendance office at
  • If a student has to leave for an appointment, a dated note from the parent should be brought to the attendance office. The student will then receive a pass to show to the teachers.
  • IMPORTANT: All absences can only be corrected within the marking quarter in which they occur. Quarter 4 notes must be submitted to the attendance office by Friday, June 3rd, 2011.
  • Ensure that student does not exceed the Absences/Excessive Tardies as detailed below to prevent potential LOSS OF CREDIT:
    Full year courses 10 absences
    Semester courses 5 absences
    Quarter courses 3 absence
  • Establish and maintain contact with the teachers of those courses where attendance has been an issue.

Important Reminder: Parents/Guardians are reminded that extended family vacations during the school year negatively impact student performance and grades!


  • Unexcused absence from an academic class results in teacher detention.
  • Total absences in excess of the maximum absences result in LOSS OF CREDIT.

Attendance Procedures

  1. After the 10th absence in a Full-year course, after the 5th absence in a Semester course, and after the 3rd absence in a Quarter course, the student will lose credit.
  2. Religious holidays, court appointments, school-sponsored events and participation in events under the guidance of school personnel do not count as absences for loss of credit purposes.
  3. Unapproved absences (cutting class, truancy) will yield disciplinary consequences.
  4. Three excessive tardies will be considered as 1 unapproved absence.
  5. Appeals for family emergencies may be made in writing to the Administrator at the end of each quarter.

After School Academy

This is a voluntary 3-hour interactive lesson on Character Education for Juniors and Seniors. Students who successfully earn 5 After School Academy Certificates may apply for an 18-week discipline contract. Upon successful completion, students may earn .5 credits for Character Education. In addition to Character Education Credit, students who have “lost credit” due to the number of absences from class, can request entrance into this program. A student would then make contact with our school’s Student Advocate for participation. Upon acceptance, the student would attend sessions and sign an attendance contract. At successful completion of this program, credit is reinstated. A student can reinstate a maximum of two credits through this plan.

Attendance Recovery Plan

Program Goal:
The Attendance Recovery Plan is an initiative developed to improve student achievement. The aim is to change attendance patterns of students and to foster better communication between students, staff, and parents with respect to school related responsibilities. Through the encouragement of active participation in the educational process, students will better align themselves with building expectations.

Student Expectations:
Students will contract with their administrator to participate in after school academic detentions and Saturday Schools. The program allows students to make up seat time and missed class assignments resulting from school/class absences. Students with excessive absences early in the school year will be encouraged/required to attend additional Saturday Schools to avoid loss of credit.

The Contract:
The Attendance Recovery contract form outlines student expectations and responsibilities. The contract does not guarantee the reinstatement of credit. The student’s administrator will conduct a review of compliance to the contract and will determine whether credit reinstatement will occur.

Note: Contracts are available through your Grade Principal and must be signed by student, parent, and your administrator.

Makeup Work

  • Students must complete all school work regardless of the reason for absence. Teachers will provide make-up work for all students after any approved absence.
  • Make-up work should be completed within five class meetings after the student’s absence.

All students until age 18, must attend school. However, if a 16 or 17 year old student wishes to withdraw from school, the parent or guardian must appear personally at the school office and sign a withdrawal form and meet with school personnel.

Absence Procedure

When a student is absent from school the Parent/Guardian calls the attendance office at 860-647-3518 or sends an email to

The caller must provide the following information:

  • Person calling
  • Grade of student
  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Reason for absence
  • Date of absence

The student must return to school with a dated parent- signed note or doctor’s note explaining the absence.
All notes must be brought to the attendance office prior to end of the marking quarter in which the absence occurred.
Quarter 4 notes must be submitted before Friday, June 3, 2011.
Students/Parents keep track of number of absences. More than the number of absences indicated below results in LOSS OF CREDIT.

  • Full year courses 10 absences
  • Semester courses 5 absences
  • Quarter courses 3 absence
Attendance Codes and Definitions

AE Absence Excused - any absence where a note has been provided with specific reasons as to why the student was absent for a full or partial day. Counts toward loss of credit.

AU Absence Unexcused - any absence where a note was not provided. Counts toward loss of credit.

ET Excessive Tardy - any tardy in excess of 5 minutes. Counts toward loss of credit: 3 ET = 1 AU

FE Family Emergency - Counts toward loss of credit.

IL Illness - call or note from parent/guardian saying student was ill. Counts toward loss of credit.

MA Medical Appointment - requires note from doctor. Counts toward loss of credit.

V Vacation - form signed by administrator & parent. Counts toward loss of credit.

ADT Student in a Detention Center - Does not count toward loss of credit.

BIR Behavior Intervention Room - Does not count toward loss of credit.

CT Legal papers from court or lawyer. Does not count toward loss of credit.

HB Homebound - Does not count toward loss of credit.

OSS Out-Of-School Suspension - Does not count toward loss of credit.

R Religious holiday - Does not count toward loss of credit.

SR School Related absence - Does not count toward loss of credit, e.g. meeting with administrator, guidance, college visits, field trips.


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